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Joshua Trees and the Milky Way, Death Valley National Park

Milky Way

The arch of the milky way is illusive, and only appears close enough to the horizon during dark skies a few times a year. I… Read more 

Middle Earth, Queenstown Hill, Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

Middle Earth

The Lord of the Rings was an amazing series for the big screen, and a fair amount of the drama came from an amazing landscape… Read more 

Mount Assiniboine, Canada


Glaciers pulling apart what tectonic plates originally lifted up sculpted Mt Assiniboine. What is left behind, stands apart in a sea of other steep mountains.… Read more 

Breidamerkursandu Beach, Vatnajoekull National Park, Iceland

Tidal Ice

Breidamerkursandu Beach is where large chunks of ice from the glaciers in the Vatnajoekull National Park come to rest before melting back into the ocean… Read more 


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