Trolls of Iceland

Trolls of Iceland

Iceland is a rare location filled with all the ingredients of a mythological fairytale. It’s an island covered with volcanoes, waterfalls, thick moss, glaciers, thermal hot springs, caves, rivers filled with gigantic fish and amazing coastlines. In the winter, the northern lights dance across the sky like angels. I’ve visited Iceland in all the seasons, and the feature that remains constant is the moss. This thick spongy growth covers much of the lava fields where there is adequate precipitation. This “Mossy” as the locals call it, adds a smooth carpet of green over the lava shapes giving visual life to what could be a stark landscape. One afternoon while exploring the slopes of a waterfall I found a great vantage point of a popular waterfall. I quickly setup with the camera in hand that was a smaller camera I used on occasion for scouting. Because the resolution was not as much as I normally like for making prints, I setup a scene that required 3 rows of multiple captures to create both a wide enough field of view and additional resolution. After capturing all the files, I took the camera down because of incoming rain. Upon my arrival home, I eagerly stitched the files together awaiting the pleasure of what I had hoped would be a great composition. What I ended up with was the discovery of a portrait of Trolls. I noticed the obvious Troll face on the left then my eyes began to wonder through the scene, until I found 5 no, 7 no 10. I have had people contact me stating they have counted over 20 troll faces.

Created with a Olympus OMD 1, 12mm lens.

Created: April, 2016
Metal prints available in 30″ x 30″/48″ x 48″
Editions of 10 at each size

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