Breidamerkursandu Beach, Vatnajoekull National Park, Iceland

Tidal Ice

Breidamerkursandu Beach is where large chunks of ice from the
glaciers in the Vatnajoekull National Park come to rest before melting back into the ocean from which they came. I’m quite certain that this location is quite unusual and possibly unique. Calving ice from tidewater glaciers float up onto surrounding beaches at low tide in many regions of the northern and southern hemispheres, but few where the beach is covered in black sand. This makes Breidamerkursandu Beach in Iceland a photographers dream. On this particular morning in February the sun finally rose above a cloud layer giving some faint colored light a chance to reflect off the swirling wet sand. The visual movement of the lines in the beach helped to add life to this image of ice on water. This image was created with a Nikon D800 camera and 28 – 300mm Nikkor lens.

Created February 2014
Metal prints available in 60″ x 34″ / 30″ x 17″
Editions of 10 at each size

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