Vachellia tortilis, widely known as Acacia tortilis, Chayulu Hills National Park, Kenya

The Tree of Life

I’m always looking for the perfect shaped trees. I found one in East Africa. The Acacia tree is significant in Africa where it thrives with it’s adaptations. Between the enormous Tsavo National Park in Kenya and Killimanjaro National Park in Tanzania, the Chyulu Hills is a long volcanic ridge surrounded by some of the most pristine trees and cinder cones I’ve ever seen. The hills are an important part of the Kilimanjaro aquifer, which encompasses thousands of square miles, and generates water for the developing region. In these higher elevation areas, a significant amount of the water is collected by the trees during foggy mornings form condensation. Just after sunrise the fog began to form and made it very difficult to see the road, all while we were looking for elephants. We could here them trumpeting off in the distance but could not get anywhere in the thick myst. Then, just as fast as it developed it began clearing, and revealed this beautiful Acacia tree. With the sun just kissing the limbs and making the dew sparkle the tree came alive.

Created with a Hasselblad H5D 50C camera, 28mm lens.

Created: January, 2016
Metal prints available in 60″ x 45″ / 45″ x 34″ / 30″ x 22.5″
Editions of 10 at each size

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