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Marc has over 20 years experience in the fine art printing business for collectors, museums and galleries around the world. Because he travels extensively and is not able to print each piece himself, he has entrusted Bay Photo with the responsibility of hand printing each of his pieces for these limited editions. Bay Photo has over 30 years of experience printing for photographers and artist.


Marc has chosen to print all his editions on “METAL” giving each piece an unparalleled depth with incredible color fidelity all preserved in the archival printing process. The surface is glossy. Each piece is completed with the “Art Exhibit Mount” including a wire hanger on the back.

Aspect Ratio

Each piece is printed using the long dimension. If the piece is 2 x 1 and you order a 60″, then your final piece will be 60 x 30 inches. If the piece is 1 x 1 then there is a surcharge for shipping only the 60 x 60 inch pieces.

Other Options

Please contact Marc for special orders, including quantity ordering, printing on archival paper or non glossy surface.

Delivered To Your Door

Your print will reach you in perfect condition.

  •   Regular UPS 5-10 business days
  •   Express UPS 2-5 business days
  •   UPS Next-Day
  •   UPS Overnight


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