50 Foot Falls, Havasupai Reservation, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


It’s about 10 miles to hike down into Havasu Falls from the rim, and the rim, where the trailhead lies, is one of the more remote parking lots in the entire West. My first hike down into Havasu was with a 4×5 film camera, while working for a book publisher. I did manage to create an image of the falls and it was from a difficult location to reach high above the designated hiking trail. Fast forward, 20+ years, I brought my son along on a spring break to hike back down the same 10miles. Everything had changed, as there was a great flood since I was there last, and even Havasu Falls had changed shape. What caught my attention though, was 50 foot falls, which had been buried in vegetation when visiting previously. This time, the falls was visible, as the flood had stripped away all the trees below the travertine wall, allowing one to view the entire sight without obstructions. This image was created on a beautiful spring morning with a Canon 1Ds M2 camera, 24mm Tilt/shift lens and Really Right Stuff nodal slide, allowing me to create the perfect panoramic view, which no single lens would capture.

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