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We love something new. So with much excitement, I o•er a few new images that have caught my eye in the recent months. My interests in this world are of the wild and unusual places, which I have not feared entering nor lost motivation to capture in my photography. These new works include the Namib Desert, the plains of the Serengeti, the highlands of Iceland, the braided rivers of New Zealand, pounding surf on the Oregon coast, the steeps of the Canadian Rockies, and the aurora borealis lighting up the Yukon.

I am thrilled with each of these images, and loved all the locations. I lived each one of them and have untold stories of the challenges involved with their creation. My memories are growing even more fond as time slips by, eventually only leaving the best parts to reminisce.

I could spend another 5 lifetimes exploring this amazing world. After marking up a map of the locations I’ve been in my 50 years, it became humbling to see that I have barely scratched the surface. In addition to the many possible locations, I am now seeing mind blowing technological changes in the equipment available for photography. Most of these new images were created with the Hasselblad 50C, a 50 megapixel camera with amazing color rendition and detail. But this past year Hasselblad asked me to use the 100C, a 100megapixel camera. The results were so surprising that I can say with certainty, were the best digital files i’ve yet seen. Both of the braided river pieces were created from a helicopter with this new camera. New improvements will continue not only in the field of resolution and sensors, but in the quality of drones, remote triggers and so on. These are exciting times to be creating landscape and wildlife images. I hope you enjoy my new work!

All these images are available as fine art prints at a very limited edition of 10 pieces in 3 different sizes, 30 – 45 – 60 inches in the long dimension. Each piece is hand made and personally proofed.

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