King of the Sea

The ocean currents and temperatures constantly change, forever pushing around the food which gives inspiration to the mammals to follow suite. This giant “Killer Whale” or Orca, sighted off the shores of Andenes Norway in Andfjorden, has beenarriving in this location for about 4 years due to the surge of herring that moved here from their former spawning grounds in the south of Norway. Scientist believe these Orca’s as well as all the other large mammals that arrived just after theherring, will be around for more than 10 years, so long as the herring stay. To be able to see hundreds of Orcas, Humpback, and Fin Whales all feeding side by side in such close proximity is spectacular. The air temperature was 15 degrees Fahrenheit and with the wind chill, it felt more like minus something. I was wearing all my normal winter clothes plus an arctic survival suite as the outer layer, which was a good thing, considering we took a large wave over the bow, moments before capturing this image.

Created: January, 2015
Metal prints available in 60″ x 40″ / 30″ x 20″
Editions of 10 at each size

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