There’s a lot of dust in Amboseli, which is what makes it so exciting to photograph. These wildebeest, were crossing the dry lake bed, or Pan, on their way to water in the dry season of October, when I captured them from a high vantage point. With little color this early in the afternoon, the scene became more powerful in black and white, as the grit of the location was more visible. As a landscape photographer, I am often amazed at the power of a location, which I must admit is a bit difficult to explain. The Amboseli region is home to many large elephant herds, lions, giraffe, and 19+ thousand foot Kilimanjaro Volcano. All that I just mentioned, was actually behind me, while I created this image!
This image was created with Canon 1DM3 camera and 24-105mm F/4 lens.

Metal prints available in 60″ x 40″ / 30″ x 20″
Editions of 10 at each size.

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