Vachellia tortilis, widely known as Acacia tortilis, Chayulu Hills National Park, Kenya

The Tree of Life

I’m always looking for the perfect shaped trees. I found one in East Africa. The Acacia tree is significant in Africa where it thrives with… Read more 

General Grant Tree, Sequoia - Kings Canyon National Park, Sierra Nevada Mountains


A late snow in May fell so thick I could hard see the road in front of me. It was dark and I had been… Read more 

Puffin, Latrabjarg West Fiords Iceland


The end of the world, is what it felt like. If you take the very long drive across Iceland to the far north western corner… Read more 

Milky Way

The arch of the milky way is illusive, and only appears close enough to the horizon during dark skies a few times a year. I… Read more 

Middle Earth, Queenstown Hill, Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

Middle Earth

The Lord of the Rings was an amazing series for the big screen, and a fair amount of the drama came from an amazing landscape… Read more 

Mount Assiniboine, Canada


Glaciers pulling apart what tectonic plates originally lifted up sculpted Mt Assiniboine. What is left behind, stands apart in a sea of other steep mountains.… Read more 

Breidamerkursandu Beach, Vatnajoekull National Park, Iceland

Tidal Ice

Breidamerkursandu Beach is where large chunks of ice from the glaciers in the Vatnajoekull National Park come to rest before melting back into the ocean… Read more 

King of the Sea

The ocean currents and temperatures constantly change, forever pushing around the food which gives inspiration to the mammals to follow suite. This giant “Killer Whale”… Read more 

The Pan

In a region of the Namib Desert known as the “Corridor” lies the Sossusvlei pan. This is a tiny dry lake in the middle of… Read more 

Ice Palace

There is no doubt the earths climate is changing. The amazing part, is when nature reacts in unexpected ways, such as this palace of ice… Read more 


There’s a lot of dust in Amboseli, which is what makes it so exciting to photograph. These wildebeest, were crossing the dry lake bed, or… Read more 

50 Foot Falls, Havasupai Reservation, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


It’s about 10 miles to hike down into Havasu Falls from the rim, and the rim, where the trailhead lies, is one of the more… Read more 

Above the Fog

Above the Fog

Only a few times every year or two, the stars align to create this image. The moon must be down, the Milky Way has to… Read more 

la cumbre, sunset, Santa Ynez Mountains, California

La Cumbre

For the majority of my life, the summit of La Cumber Peak, which towers over Santa Barbara, offered few photogenic views of the sunset. This… Read more 


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