Marc Muench el Capitan Yosemite National Park

Marc Muench is now offering limited editions of his most celebrated images.

Each piece is hand printed on the finest of materials, signed, dated and labeled with the edition number.

Each edition will consist of only 10 pieces each of 2 sizes. No other limited editions will be offered of that image in any size.


Glaciers pulling apart what tectonic plates originally lifted up sculpted Mt Assiniboine. What is left behind, stands apart in a sea of other steep mountains.… Read more 

Tidal Ice

Breidamerkursandu Beach is where large chunks of ice from the glaciers in the Vatnajoekull National Park come to rest before melting back into the ocean… Read more 

King of the Sea

The ocean currents and temperatures constantly change, forever pushing around the food which gives inspiration to the mammals to follow suite. This giant “Killer Whale”… Read more 

The Pan

In a region of the Namib Desert known as the “Corridor” lies the Sossusvlei pan. This is a tiny dry lake in the middle of… Read more 


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